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Tenants FAQs

How often are routine inspections carried out?
The first routine inspection is carried out after 6 weeks and inspections are usually carried out every three months thereafter, or as per the Owner’s instructions.

Do I have to pay a pet bond?
If you have a pet a $260 pet bond is compulsory.

The Owner wants to sell the property – what happens to me?
If you are on a Fixed Term Lease the purchaser must honour your Fixed Term Lease. If you are on a Periodic Lease 30 days’ notice may be issued to you to vacate the premises when the property is sold.

I do not agree with the final inspection report. What can I do?
The property should be left in the same condition as stated in the ingoing Property Condition Report, minus fair wear and tear which includes items such as flaking of old paint and wearing of carpet in high traffic areas. If you do not agree with the final inspection report you can seek evidence such as photographs from the final inspection, from your property manager. If you are still not able to come to an agreement the matter can be resolved in the Magistrates court.

Can I withhold rent?
No. If the owner does not honour his/her obligations under the lease agreement, the tenant is not legally able to withhold rent.
The tenant may issue a Notice of Breach of Agreement (by Owner). If the situation is not fixed by the termination of the notice period, an application may be forced to lodge court proceedings for the Owner to remedy the alleged breach.

Can I organise my own maintenance and be reimbursed?
No, unless there is an emergency. In an emergency the Tenant can contact a qualified tradesperson specific to the required trade and can seek reimbursement from the Owner. If the situation is reported to have not been an emergency, the Owner is not responsible for reimbursement of such an account.

Can I cancel a routine inspection if I am not able to be present?
No. The Agent will schedule the inspection and you have the right to be at the scheduled routine inspection however if you are not there, the inspection will still be carried out with the office key. Pets are expected to be removed from the premises for the day or to be kept in a secure place outside the house.

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